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Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. is a cybersecurity company headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey in the United States.

A fomer employee mentioned, "Comodos' products do not work. Everything you work so hard to sell gets refunded. The CEO is a dictator and has unrealistic daily KPI's. Every single day you don't know who is getting fired. It is a graveyard. They clean house about every 2 years of the outside management team."


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CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Senior leaders are cliquey - Most leaders are not qualified Downmarket talent Product is a scam Project that they are changing healthcare map but really just sales leads"

Charlie Parks says

"Do not buy from this company. I enrolled, the software is really bad, never worked, poor support. Tried to cancel but they still will bill your credit card every year. You will have to get a new card to cancel. stay away."

Jakob says

"For almost a month, I have unsuccessfuly tried to renew my certificate with this company. Beware, they also operate under the name Sectigo, and presumably they'll soon get a third name, as comodo and sectigo are already tarnished beyond repair. They don't communicate back, they don't tell you what problems or next steps are, so you have to keep calling their support for any hope on progress. For the money paid for a certificate, this is a horrible scam."

Richard P says

"I purchased the security suite for my two desktop computers... biggest mistake I ever made.. both my computers started to have problems, freezing, boot up issues, constant pop ups.. I immediately uninstalled them and requested a refund through paypal.. Comodo has failed to respond, and NO ONE answers the phone at their location... absolutely the worst customer service ever.. Stay away from their products, save yourself the hasse"

Phonlathorn Ngam says

"I hope I can give a negative stars. Your product "Comodo Icedragon" install Comodo Cloud Security without asking! Do not install or download!"

I Was Scammed says

"I needed help to purchase a wildcard SAN certificate so that I would get the right one first time. I used the chat feature to connect with Comodo and enlisted the help of the specialist to get the right certificate. After paying for the certificate,and then trying to get the certificate issued, it was clear that I had been sold the wrong certificate. With the chat specialist still there I asked for assistance, only to be told I was confused, and that if I wanted the right certificate I could get a great deal of 15% off. No refund for the wrong purchase has materialised. I will never purchase from this entity again."

Marius J says

"This support is the worst support I ever have been in touch with in my life. Avoid this company if you can."

Sydney says

"Our company just received two sales calls back to back from Comodo which ensured we will never work with them. The initial salesperson said they had previously spoken to our IT manager and had been asked to get in touch with them today, however since we work in a very small office we (the two of us up front that answer the phones) are notified if someone is expecting a call and are kept in the loop when potentially working with new companies. Neither of us were notified of such a thing so I replied that they were not expecting an IT phone call from this company today, the salesperson said thank you and I thought that was the end of that. Almost immediately after, we receive another call this time from Mark asking to speak to our IT manager, after putting him on hold and speaking/confirming with our IT manager that they were not considering the company, nor had they even heard of Comodo and were not interested in a sales pitch, I then told Mark that they weren't interested in speaking with him. His reply was "Oh so you're just going to judge that they don't want to speak to me?" After my reply of "No I'm not judging this I actually spoke with them and they're not interested", Mark replied with raising his voice and calling me some sort of "gate keeper". I'm not sure how he thought this was an effective tactic to get to speak to someone but he has now ensured that absolutely no one here will be taking any calls from the company. Judging from the many other reviews on this site it looks like we made a good choice"

Art Moni says

"Poor maintenance There is no chat on Saturday and Sunday. There are no answers for Saturday and Sunday support inquiries. Don't expect them to support you on weekends."

Kat says

"Comodo cWatch is a disappointing joke. Upon running a server-side scan, there are no results displayed. When I talked to support about where to find my results, I was told that I /apparently/ had 10 instances of malware, but that I was not allowed to see the results of the report without providing access to my server for them to 'clean' them. Wait what? They want to delete things on my server before I've had a chance to review it? I need to review the report and what they think is 'malware', before I allow them to go in and delete random files - surely this is the normal way things work. But Support said tough luck, this is our process. GO ELSEWHERE. It seems very suspicious to me that cWatch wants immediate access to your server before they allow you to even confirm or validate the findings. Unprofessional, unreasonable and seems very dodgy."

Terrence says

"Comodo was the worst company I ever dealt with. They are truly a joke, pretending to be a leader in cybersecurity. I can't believe they haven't been sued or aren't out of business yet. I would 100%^ not recommend them to anyone."

Dave says

"They only offer 30-day refunds and my order has been pending for 90 days! This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They can't fulfil my order so it should be refunded. They are running a scam and stealing peoples money! Countless hours wasted on chat/phone/email. They need to be taken to consumer affairs"

Carol Hand says

"A disreputable company that I would strongly advise people to avoid."

Jamie Wyatt says

"I would strongly urge any and all UK businesses to avoid Sectigo. We purchased a EV SSL through comodosslstore.com They are US based and communicating with them is a nightmare. Our EV SSL certificate took 6 weeks to issue. This was 6 weeks of me emailing/livechatting/telephoning them multiple times per week for an update. They promise call backs that never come, they do not take ownership of issues. We then had our SSL certificate for 6 months before they email ONCE to advise that due to an 'internal scanning issue' they will be revoking the certificate and I will need to contact them for it to be reissued. This email was overlooked amongst our other business correspondence and now we find that the certificate has stopped working. They did not follow up to see whether we got their notification or follow up when we did not contact them to have it reissued. Exceptionally poor service. We cannot reissue from their portal and now find ourselves going through the same process again trying to make contact with someone who is able/willing to help again. We have since purchased another certificate from Symantec and the process has been absolutely flawless. Spend the extra and go with a more reputable supplier. We will never, ever use Comodo/Sectigo or comodosslstore.com again."

Farrah K says

"Where to begin..unbelievably incompetent company. Verifying our company's ssl certificate on lightspeed was a long, unnecessarily drawn out nightmare. If Lightspeed didn't force this company on us, we would never do business with them. In fact, we are cancelling our service with Lightspeed as soon as our contract is up and are sincerely hoping to never deal with Comodo again. The representatives we are dealing with are located in Belgium while we are in the US - in order to verify our SSL certificate, they continually call our business phone at 5AM or 8AM although our business hours are 9AM-6PM PST. Makes no sense."

Arye Lerner says


Peter says

"Stay Away. Comodo - a sham company, creating insecure knockoff products. One of the most famous ones is Chromodo - insecure crapware, copy of Chrome. Read The Register article about it before you register - search for "Google calls out Comodo's Chromodo Chrome-knockoff as insecure crapware""

Waqas Ashraf says

"Please Dont install this useless software....Now let me tell what technique they use..... 1. you got a virus 2. you install comodo and scan it...wow your pc will be good again 3. here is a twist, after every few days your system will be slow down, so you have to full scan by comodo, or have to buy their pakg so that you will never be slow down. 4. so now you think, its a fraud, and you want to delete it, so after deletion, it will also turn off your windows security automatically with its deletion, your pc will be still slow down after 2 days of deletion of software like 2 days or 1 day after. 5. in this way, you will think, i might done a mistake by deleting that software, so you will install it again. 6. this is how they work...useless useless antivirus….dont believe other fake posts…try it yourself and when you find like this one then post your experience everywhere you find."

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